• Designed and Offered by Stanford University

    In partnership with Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies, we handle admissions and invite academically talented students to join us this summer at Stanford University for a two-week introduction to American college life.

  • The Program

    Motivate pre-college students who attend the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies will be challenged intellectually and will develop skills in problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

    Students will participate in workshops on multiple topics, taught by expert instructors with a passion for teaching. The program provides an American college-life experience and builds global community through an academic, multinational, team-based Global Solutions Project and a fun-filled Multicultural Exhibition from each participating organization.

  • Courses & Workshops

    We offer an innovative mix of courses and workshops that are not typically available in high school and are taught in a college-style seminar setting.

    Go Beyond the Classroom

    The academic program exposes participants to university-level content and teaching style in a classroom that fosters communication, innovation, and creativity. Courses, labs, and workshops draw on a range of subjects taught in the Stanford schools of Humanities and Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, and Business.


    Students take a mixture of workshops over the course of two weeks. Last year, students coming from all over the world were taught in topics including:

    -Business and Entrepreneurship

    -Visual Design Thinking

    -Artificial Intelligence



    This year, students will be able to dig deeper into the workshop topics that are offered. Students are expected to come with an open mind to learn about topics that they may not have previously studied, much like the US college experience.

    Unique Schedule & Academic Program

    Stanford will work closely with us to understand the interests and ability level of the participants in our group. Based on this information, the teaching staff creates a unique schedule, with an academic program that helps participants learn advanced content and develop lifelong skills. Academic subjects can range from sciences and engineering to writing and humanities, and themes may include creativity, leadership, design thinking, problem solving, and communication.

  • Key Opportunities

    Every student will have the opportunity to...

    Experience American College Life

    Attend exciting classes and live in undergraduate residences on Stanford campus.


    Receive a Certificate

    All students receive a certificate at completion of the course from the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies.


    Engage in Learning

    Participate in interactive workshops led by expert instructors with a passion for teaching.


    Explore a Place of Innovation

    Become immersed in the heart of Stanford and explore Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. Past field trips include: Google, Facebook, Apple, and other major technology firms.


    Make Friends from Around the World

    ​Meet peers from different countries and join in fun activities and projects.



  • Date & Location

    Stanford University & San Francisco Bay Area

    450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305 USA


    July 25, 2018 - August 4, 2018

  • Sample Schedule

    Week 1 Sample Schedule

    8:00 AM - Breakfast

    9:00 AM - Introduction to Game Design

    12:00 PM - Lunch

    1:00 PM - Intuitive Problem Solving Part 1

    4:00 PM - Break

    4:30 PM - Social, recreational, & supplemental academic activities

    6:00 PM - Dinner

    7:00 PM - Social, recreational, & supplemental academic activities

    9:00 PM - Journal Writing

    10:00 PM - Personal Time

    11:00 PM - Lights Out

    Week 2 Sample Schedule

    8:00 AM - Breakfast

    9:00 AM - Computer History Museum

    12:00 PM - Lunch

    1:00 PM - Investigations in Engineering

    4:00 PM - Break

    4:30 PM - Prepare Final Presentations

    6:00 PM - Dinner

    7:00 PM - Social, recreational, & supplemental academic activities

    9:00 PM - Journal Writing

    10:00 PM - Personal Time

    11:00 PM - Lights Out

  • Explore Stanford

  • Selection & Eligibility

    Students will apply through Palo Alto Education Group.

    Admission is selective. Students will be chosen based on:

    • Academic talent
    • Motivation for learning
    • English proficiency
    • Maturity level (target age range is 14-17)
    • One of the following: Teacher's recommendation, TOEFL scores, or in-person interview